CGCB is an online open source bioinformatics database of diverse genetic constructs for germline entry using the General Open Source Plasmid for Human Arts GOSHPA as a chassis for transgene infection into a newly fertilized ovum. The genes made trangenesis ready with the GOSHPHA are stored online in the CGCB. Most importantly the genes were chosen publicly by amateur bioartists, citizen scientists and DIY-BIO hobbyists. The thGAP genes, their corresponding GOSHPA constructs and the entire CGCB database are all completely open source, available for download for anyone. These assets can be used for home IVF, garage human embryo design and transgenic human alternative broods without copyright or proprietary nuisance. This is a database for people, freely given by people to make novel future people outside of the simplistic aesthetics of health or enhancement presuppositions for the sake of species diversity beyond elite, expert presuppositions as to the direction and sanity of the future of transhuman anatomy, genetic aesthetics and posthuman redesign.