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thGAP's The World Congress on New Reproductive Technology Arts (WCoNRTA) will actually attend Third International Summit on Human Genome Editing at the Francis Crick Institute, London UK on 6-8 March 2023 at 215 Greater London NW1 2BF United Kingdom.

Interested people are invited to attend with us or join online.

After the conference each night we will meet at a bar, bookstork or art space to hold an open mike, loosley named Germline Co medy Hour. Its basically a nightly comedy relief review of the day's speakers by people who witnessed or just have anything to say. The topics will be colored by our thGAP attitude that Genetically Modified Human Gonads, Babies and Germlines are not a problem as long as Artists are involved as the Resculpting of Heredity is Boring if it is just for Health, Enhancement or Military goals. We are the giraffe human mutant geeks against neo-eugenics and silly perfectionist goals.

Drinking, open microphone, room to be loud, rowdyish... thats all...

some long winded stuff for the intellectually effected:

The conversation is of course about internal bias of the summit, how the experts try to work with the WHO which has a more bio-conservative agenda. We are looking to see about inclusion of art directors for this human genome redesign project instead of all these ‘health’ meets enhancement donor aesthetics. Is there a species commons instead of simple Ford vrs Mercedes mutant designer babies? And, of course, does GMO human gonad tinkering just cause cancer and other sorts of metabolic havoc to our future genomes with no way back, no way to track the novel disinformation/disease? Beyond off-target germline side effects presenting as pollution ‘of invisible origin’, are the new transgenic semi-humans, are they free living admix generational alteration? Or are they investment portfolios intended to perform extremophile functions?